Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogging to my new fwiends

Hi evvybody! Thank yow fow visiting my bloggie. Thank yow Asta fow introducing me to yow fwiends. I don't know how to write yet so Mommy has to do it fow me, and she is just learning how to blog. Hopefully she can figure out how to post a pictchew of me.
I was born in Ohio. My burf daddy's name is Oliver, and my burf mommy's name is Lucy. She is the daughter of Birchurst's Blazing Star. I came to live wif my new Mommy in Califownia in January 2011.


  1. Oh my dog Addie
    GUESS what if you'we a Biwchhuwst giwl you and I awe cousins and you also awe welated to Scwuffy of holitewwiews and Katie and Spawky of Butchy and snickews blog and to about a thousand othew fwiends..this is fantastic!!!!!
    putting up a pictoowe is easy..just dwag one to youw desktop and then when you do a post, just click on the pictoowe icon and impawt it
    smoochie kisses
    cousinASTA(Biwchuwst in nowf Cawolina is whewe my pawents awe fwom)

  2. You're just a youngster, Addie! We bet you are just so cute!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch